SCurl's Holiday Gift Guide: 2021 Edition

Men's Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone wants to look great, especially on Christmas day. Nothing says merry like  a fresh head of braid. That being said, why not give an incredible heartfelt gift to all the men in your life. Would you mind giving them the tools to help them look their best on Christmas Day and every day after that? Use this holiday gift guide as a guidebook to take the stress out of gift-giving while helping the men in your life look incredible.

The Perfect Gifts

There is one question that can strike fear in the hearts of anyone tasked with buying a gift for a man. That question is:

What Do I Get Him for Christmas?

It can be your dad, your husband, uncle, grandparent, son, boyfriend, fiancé, and everything in between. Chances are, the one thing they have in common is the need for hair or beard care. And in many cases, both. That is where Luster SCurl products come in. Luster SCurl products are perfect for stockings, gift bags, grooming bundles, or as part of other gifts. You can also create your assortments. 

Free Flow Gift Giving 

Luster’s SCurl Free Flow Collection is a great starting point for your gift-giving. The Free Flow collection is perfect for essential hair care. Hair Care specifically designed for natural or type 4 hair. There are also many ways you can use it for gift giving. The Free Flow series features five core products that make practical gifts. Either together, individually, or in bundles, The collection includes:

SCurl Free Flow Bundles

Any one of these products makes a fantastic stocking stuffer. Another simple way to use Free Flow for multiple gift ideas is to combine them into different bundles. Bundles combines two or three Free Flow items into items you can put into a gift bag or even a stocking. You can create your own, use the ones listed below, or modify and change them to any grouping you like. Regardless, these power pairings can add some variety to your gift-giving.

Free Flow Ultra Basics Bundles 

Combine the Free Flow Shampoo and Free Flow Conditioner for an indispensable pair of cleansing shampoo and leave-in conditioner.

Free Flow Ultra Basics Plus Bundle

Combine items in the Free Flow Ultra Basics for this bundle with Free Flow Instant moisturizer. Regular daily moisture is essential for good hair health. The instant moisturizer is a great way to infuse your hair with important hydration.

Free Flow Styling Lineup Bundled 

The Free Flow Styling Lineup assortment combines two products that can help you achieve multiple styles; The first is Free Flow Wave Twist And Lock Gel. The Free Flow Wave Twist And Lock Gel is an all-purpose styling formula that can be used for scores of styles. The other product in this grouping is the wave butter.  Free Flow Natural Wave Butter is an excellent product. Your natural waves. 

Free Flow Grooming Power Bundle

Not sure which assortment to go with? Group all five grooming products in the Free Flow series together in a power bundle. This provides the tools for complete hair and styling in a straightforward set. From deep cleansing to moisturizing and styling options, this Free Flow Power Bundle can help the men in your life achieve healthy hair.

Free Flow Braid Bundle

For braided hair, this assortment is perfect. Combine Free Flow Twist And Lock Gel with instant moisturizer for a kit designed to support braided styles. Use the gel to style the braids and moisturizer to keep them hydrated.

SCurl Beard Line

The mark of a well-groomed man involves both hair, scalp, and facial hair. Taking care of your beard is an essential part of a man's daily hygiene care routine. Most men will tell you it is not always easy. Many men do not know some products can help them with this daily, and many times monotonous, chore. 

Accordingly, you cannot go wrong with the Luster SCurl Beard Collection. The beard line consists of six products designed to help you maintain and nourish your beard. In addition, they help to moisturize and protect the skin beneath the facial hair.

SCurl Beard Line Bundles

Like Free Flow, you can pull different beard care products into assortments. These make great additions to gift bags and stockings as well.

SCurl Shaving Basics Bundle

The shave gel and post-shave are two products that make a great mini set of shaving products. Even someone without a beard can incorporate these into their daily shaving routine.

SCurl Beard Care

Here are a few products to group into a bundle for someone maintaining a beard. Combine the beard wash, balm, and beard oil, and you will give him the tools he needs to keep that beard properly.

Beard Bundle

Are you looking for a more significant gift? Combine the entire beard collection into a beard bundle. Take the six products and put them in a gift basket or bag. This will give the recipient a complete line of beard options for weeks to come.

Why Wait?

While hair and beard products make excellent holiday gifts, why wait. Start their hair routine off now with the purchase of Luster SCurl products. Encourage the men in your life to use SCurl products today. With the right tools, they can look their best on Christmas and even the days leading up to Christmas and Christmas Eve. Whether you are buying for yourself, here are 12 days of Christmas primer you can use to help select gifts for the men in your family and others.

12 Days Of Christmas From Luster SCurl

The First Day of Christmas... Free Flow Charcoal Mint Shampoo

While you don't want to shampoo every day, you need to cleanse that scalp. It would help if you also kept your hair follicles clean. Likewise, the wrong shampoo will suck the life out of your hair. Free Flow shampoo is free of sulfates and other additives. Instead, the formula uses charcoal. Charcoal draws out impurities in a natural way. Yes, anything with coal or charcoal at Christmas is usually not good (Santa's gift for naughty kids). In this case, charcoal is a grade a gift when formulated into our shampoo. It also leaves a tingle on your scalp after using.

The Second Day Of Christmas..Free Flow Leave-In Conditioner

Moisture could be the first day of Christmas priority, but let us make it second. Free Flow Leave-In conditioner will protect your scalp and hair by getting moisture into it.

Third-Day Of Christmas: Free Flow Instant Moisturizer

Always be thinking about hydration, and this product puts it in the palm of your hand when you need it.

4th Day Of Christmas: Beard Bundle

You cannot go wrong with a groomed beard. In fact, if you buy the bundle, you can skip Days 5, 6,7, and 8

Days 5 Through Day 8: Shaving Days Of Christmas

If you do not buy the beard bundle on day 4, the next four days of Christmas will cover you with these items.

  • 5th Day Of Christmas: SCurl Smooth Glide Shave Gel
  • 6th Day Of Christmas: SCurl Post Shave Moisturizer
  • 7th Day Of Christmas: SCurl Beard Balm
  • 8th Day Of Christmas: SCurl Beard Oil

Days 9 Through Day 11: Time To Style

You have a groomed beard now and hydrated hair. Now it is time to style with these products from Day 9 to 11

  • 9th Day Of Christmas: Free Flow Twist And Lock Gel
  • 10th Day Of Christmas: Free Flow Natural Wave Butter

11Th Day Of Christmas: Reward Yourself

Reward yourself if you are buying gifts for everyone, including the men. Go over to our Pink line and stock up on products to make your hair look incredible.

12th Day Of Christmas: Rest

At this point, you have done a lot of shopping. Take a break. Relax.

Finding Luster SCurl Products

Easy Ways To Shop

Getting the products is also easy and convenient. You can acquire them in 

several ways. 

Luster Website

The Luster Website is a reliable and straightforward way to get the products you 


Walmart and Chain Stores

Large chain stores like Walmart carry some of the 

SCurl line products. If you are a last-minute shopper, this may be the ideal option.

Amazon and Online

Amazon and other online retailers are a simple, fast way to get Luster SCurl products. 

Beauty Supply Stores

Local or regional beauty supply stores also carry Luster’s products and are a great place to search for hair care or grooming items you may find nowhere else.

Independent Online Retailers

Smaller online retailers, influencers, and others offer Luster’s products online. However, always remember to check the reputation of stores you may not know.

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